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Having a website isn’t as easy as just getting your Company / Service info online and just sit back and watch tons of tons of potential clients line up to buy from you (i really wish it was that simple)

Reality is that its a platform that needs to be updated regularly, and with technology evolving at an alarming pace, your website needs to keep up to date. 

I Share tips and tricks from a developers point of view, from Advance SEO techniques to simple steps like checking your websites page speed.

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The Essence of great Web Design

  GREAT WEB DESIGN | These 4 key components that has more importance than you think We have over five  years experience in the web design industry. During this time we have successfully refined and honed our skills, pinpointing the essence of what makes a great...

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Time To Revamp Your Old, Outdated Website

Time To Revamp Your Old, Outdated Website

Time To Revamp Your Old, Outdated Website Your company’s website isn’t something that should be taken lightly, it’s usually the first place a potential client will go to before contacting you, if its outdated, slow or just a mess, chances of getting that client to...

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Add WhatsApp Live Chat To Your Website

How To Add WhatsApp Live Chat To Your Website - For FeeTake Customer Support to the next level by easily adding a live chat function to your website.  Before I show you how to add a WhatsApp live Chat feature to your website, Heres 5 Reasons why you should...

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