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How To Add WhatsApp Live Chat To Your Website – For Fee

Take Customer Support to the next level by easily adding a live chat function to your website.
Before I show you how to add a WhatsApp live Chat feature to your website, Heres 5 Reasons why you should serconsider adding live chat to your website.

1. Quicker Option
Live chat is a quicker option for the customer to reach you and for you to reach the customer. When you have a chat session with the customer, you can not only assist them while they on your site, but you can also sell your services to the customers. You can also get their approval to buy a service much quicker than an email because the decision-making process is quite fast when the customer is getting quick service.

2. No Wait Times

Customers get the answers they need without waiting. Unlike a call or email, they don’t have to wait for a staff member to get back to them. 

3. One Time Deal

Customers don’t like to repeat their problem repeatedly, and while using live chat, they don’t have to. Even if a problem is not solved by one expert, the other can come in, read the issue in the chat box and offer a solution without even the need to consult the first expert.

4. No Disturbance
Abother benefit of using live chat  is that the customer can avail it at any time of day or night without disturbing the people in his or her household (which might happen on a phone call). The email also assures no disturbance, but it’s not that quick as a customer might have to wait for 24 hours to get a response.

5. Easy Record Keeping
Finally, live chat is a useful tool for a company as well as the customer because every conversation is recorded at both ends and this conversation can be accessed if a similar problem occurs in the future. Easy record keeping also helps a company to exactly count the time taken to resolve the issue by eliminating time spent in pleasantries.


The WordPress Plugin I recommend  is “Whatshelp” (and its free)

  • Install and activate the WhatsHelp Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • After installation, click the WhatsHelp section in the left toolbar.
  • Create you own button at www.whatshelp.io/widget and copy the button code.
  • Go back to WordPress console, paste the code and press Save changes.
  • Done!

Did You Know? WhatsApp is the cross-platform, a mobile messaging app with over 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide

Increasing usage of mobile in recent years has urged the web development world to ensure mobile-friendly websites. It can be clearly seen that the number of mobiles per family has surpassed the number of computers per family. In fact, recently, Google released an update targeting non-mobile friendly. Hence it is an utmost priority to stand parallel with all latest mobile-friendly technologies.

When it comes to mobile, WhatsApp is the most popular app used worldwide.


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